Tara Pickard-Clark

Have you ever felt like you both loved smoking and hated it at the same time? Allen used to call it ‘smoker’s schizophrenia’! I can relate to that – when I had my first cigarette at aged 10, I thought YUK! How could anyone find it hard to quit these – but then after being a heavy smoker for 23 years, I was hooked, thought I loved smoking and I couldn’t imagine life outside of it…no matter how disgusting and disgusted they made me feel!

I had tried many times to quit using all sorts of methods – cold turkey many times (every NYE, birthday month etc), acupuncture, hypnosis in a group, hypnotherapy 1 on 1, patches, gum, lozenges, Zyban, herbal cigarettes, shock treatment, the rubber band method (don’t ask!)…you name it, I tried it, but I could never seem to kick it for long at all & even if I was smoke free for a few weeks or so…I was miserable and cranky!

I heard about the Allen Carr Clinic & although I was a bit sceptical, I went along with an open mind and boy was my mind opened! Ever since I attended that session 5 years ago, I have not smoked, nor wanted to smoke a cigarette since. I didn’t suffer any terrible withdrawals or cravings, I wasn’t miserable or cranky, I didn’t put on weight, I could still socialise, drink alcohol – I simply didn’t smoke anymore and was pleased to be free of it and so proud to be a happy non-smoker.

Now I’m in the privileged position of working within the Allen Carr global network providing Queenslanders with the opportunity to quit smoking the Easyway! I deliver both private and corporate sessions throughout Queensland as many employers are now seeing the benefits of supporting their staff to quit smoking. Why not join the thousands of smokers who have used our method to quit.

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